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Blue Ridge has a long and storied history in eastern Jackson County. Located at the legendary crossroads of Interstate 70, U.S. Highway 40 and Blue Ridge Boulevard, the original 500,000 square foot center was the vision of William Reich and opened its doors on October 17, 1958 with the ribbon cutting performed by H. Roe Bartle, former Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri.

It was one of the nation’s first open-air regional shopping centers and was widely publicized for the use of innovative building techniques. Upon opening, the Mall offered as yet unheard of services for shoppers which we now know as “Concierge Services” and Child Care Services in the lower level. Grand Opening events lasted over a year with appearances by the A-list celebrities of the day including Eva Gabor and Sandra Dee.

In 1971, the first major renovation of The Blue Ridge Mall took place with the addition of the South Court Annex and a new multi-level JC Penney store at the West end, expanding the center to over one million square feet. It was at this time that the mall was also fully enclosed and climate controlled, once again, modernizing the shopping experience for the local community.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Mall enjoyed its hey-day as the place to see and be seen. Countless stories of first jobs, first dates and falling in love at The Blue Ridge Mall are still told today.

The 1990’s brought a series of changes in ownership to the Mall as well as a much needed facelift to the Mall’s interior. In 1998, the current owners purchased the Mall and in time added the adjacent Blue Ridge Tower Office Building, a Medical/Office Building west of Sterling Avenue, and the sites across US 40 Highway where the former Blue Ridge Cinema and Angel’s Restaurant still reside.

The acquisition of these sites has enabled the rebirth of the site into The Blue Ridge Crossing, an up to date shopping and dining experience for the next generation. We invite you to experience the new Blue Ridge Crossing and make your own memories.

About Us

MBS Mall Investor-98, LLC is a group of local developers that prides itself on identifying unique redevelopment opportunities. This forward thinking viewpoint allows the company to be creative in its approach to the potential market appeal of established properties. It is this approach that has led MBS to its vision and commitment to the redevelopment of the former Blue Ridge Mall.

Now named Blue Ridge Crossing, the former Mall, a long standing gateway to the 40 Highway shopping corridor, is revitalized! Once again, this buzzing retail area, which extends along 40 Highway east and west from the I-70 Interchange, continues to redefine itself. MBS has a long-range plan for this development, which includes three phases extending over 70+ acres of land situated in both Independence and Kansas City, Missouri

Working with our Neighbors

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MBS management works closely with local businesses, neighborhood leaders, and others to ensure that their development takes into account the concerns and needs of the community. MBS management truly values its’ relationship with the communities in which they are a part.

During countless hours of meetings with local businesses and the surrounding Neighborhood Homes Associations, MBS took measures to ensure that all issues and concerns were addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of their neighbors.

Additionally, with an eye towards environmental concerns, the redevelopment has garnered national recognition by literally recycling the 1,000,000 square feet of building structure that was the Blue Ridge Mall.